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Bed bugs

Photos of bedbugs


The affected body parts are those that are exposed during sleep and typically , the arms are the most affected members. Bedbugs bite the person who releases the most heat at the beginning of infestation , they often bite one of two people sharing the same bed.


piqure de punaise de lit au braspiqure de punaise de lit sur le dos

In human pungent, tack injected through the saliva of analgesics , anticoagulants and vasodilators to facilitate aspiration of blood. These products cause various reactions that result in allergic lesions at the injection site. The extent of these reactions is highly variable from one individual to another ( Cestari and Martignago , 2005 Ter Poorten and Prose , 2005).
30% of victims of bedbugs feels no effect , often women and children develop visible symptoms as red buttons online. Victims of bed bug experience itching after a few fortunes in some cases symptoms have been observed after two weeks.

Where are the bed bugs?

They hide in dark and sheltered places . They prefer surfaces , fabric, wood and paper close to where humans sleep .


les chachettes de punaise de lit

Bed bugs can hide behind baseboards, under carpets , in the seams and folds of sofas, mattresses and box springs, and bed frames and in cracks and creases of furniture and luggage . They leave black spots near their hiding places with empty shells of their exoskeletons that characterize the transition from one stage to another.


  • Bedbugs are brown wingless insects about the size of an apple seed (1-6 mm).
  • However, eggs (1 mm) and larvae (1-4 mm ) are difficult to detect with the human because of their white color and eye their small size , this makes them more difficult to identify.
  • They cannot fly or jump, and do not live on the skin or hair.
  • They can sting pets, but they prefer human blood.
  • They are called bedbugs because they are usually found on the bed along the seams of mattresses on which they leave droppings and brown spots .
  • Their flattened shapes ( 1-2 mm) allow them to infiltrate almost everywhere (narrow cracks, seams of mattresses, behind baseboards, etc. ) .
  • This pest is active mainly at night. He finds his way along the heat and carbon dioxide CO2 generated by the individual.
Biological data about bedbugs:
Life expectancy of an adult 6 - 24 months
Time of a blood meal 10 - 20 min
Time between 2 meals, highly variable (up to 2 years) 3 - 15 days
Total number of eggs laid by an adult female 200 - 500 eggs
Laying rhythm of an adult female 5 - 15 eggs/day
Time life cycle (egg to egg) 40 - 70 days
Spawning period after fertilization 3 - 10 days
Egg hatching time 7 - 15 days
Time between two stages (mandatory blood meal) 3 - 15 days
Life cycle of the bedbug
A nymph passes through five stages before becoming an adult , he needs to feed once before each stage.
It will take him between 1-4 months before becoming an adult bug , depending on ambient temperature.
An adult bed bug can survive for 12 to 18 months without feeding .

bed bugs life cycle

Source: Illustration by W. Adapted from S. Suckow Charlesworth , Purdue University


The health effects of the most obvious bugs infestation are skin lesions resulting from bites , in addition there are:
  • Psychological trauma related to the sense of insecurity.
  • Stress and irritation associated with lack of sleep.
  • Severe mental health cases have led to social isolation and depression .
  • Dont hesitate to talk about , embarrassment and fear are the first psychological barrier to overcome to adjust the bed bug infestation problem The parasitic manager is often there to help you advising you and answering your questions.


Bedbugs travel with us in luggage, aircraft, buses, and cars.
Hotels are the primary sources of infestation in North America.
When moving, it can be contaminated by the moving truck that was used for the transport of infested furniture.
If the apartment is in a building infested with bed bugs, it will contaminate the other apartments, because bedbugs are able to travel within a radius of 20 feet to feed, through electrical son, cracks in the adjoining wall, ventilation ducts, doors and windows.
We found bed bugs in common areas like laundries, cinemas, hair salons, meeting rooms and elevators, ambulances and hospitals.


  • Regular inspection of places allows us to act quickly if the presence of bedbugs is found in a home
  • When traveling , first inspect the hotel bed and avoid placing your luggage on or under the bed
  • Do not carry your blankets and your headphones in hotels
  • Clean your clothes and your travel suitcases after returning
  • All strategies to reduce refuges for bugs (cracks in walls, etc. . ) As well as those designed to prevent the spread of bed bugs are also very effective .
  • Inspect and clean the furniture and objects used before bringing them into your home


Prepare home for treatment against bed bugs .
This step is the most important of extermination. Here are some examples of things to prepare:
  • Wash in hot water bedding (sheets, mattress covers, blankets, bedspreads).
  • Vacuum throughout the house except the bed (not to move the bed bugs) and throw the bag in the garbage (outside the house).
  • Empty dresser drawers and closets, and wash very hot water clothes or send them to the cleaners. Put all the clothes washed into new sealed plastic bags until the disappearance of the infestation.
  • Eliminate congestion.
  • Consult the exterminator before getting rid of his furniture. It should not be purchased new furniture before the extermination is fully completed. Important:
  • Wash all clothes and bedding in hot water with laundry soap, do not extend the machine in the laundry until you have washed. Use well-identified bags to avoid contaminating clean laundry.
  • After the bed bug extermination treatment, corners and edges of the walls can be cleaned by a vacuum cleaner for 4 weeks. This is to allow the product to be longer. Kitchen and living room floors can be cleaned 24 hours after treatment.
  • We must get out from 6 to 24 hours after treatment (especially for infants, pregnant women and sick people).
  • If you have questions call an extermination engineering consultant 7d / 7 514 692 6337.
  • Need help prepare and clean your house before and after the killing? Contact our specialist partner Housekeeping: FORZA CLEANING : FORZA MENAGE


Call an expert engineering extermination , it will guide you to find the best stocks to do to exterminate bedbugs . But in the meantime , it is important never to move the bed or other furniture throw without consulting a pest manager , it will conduct an inspection to assess the degree of infestation and take the necessary measures to prevent the spread of bedbugs in the house.
Cleaning steaming hot 160 C is effective to kill eggs and adults without pesticides
Nos techniciens s'assurent d'utiliser des produits efficaces sans danger pour la santé
  • Notify the owner or property manager
If you are a tenant quickly notify the owner that it makes an exterminator come quickly and pays the costs , and that it takes the right steps to eliminate bedbugs. A tenant can not be criticized by its owner to have bugs , but can be criticized for not having reported and dealt with the situation . Housing Authority requires in most cases the owner to pay the costs of extermination .
It is important not to try to fix the problem yourself without the involvement of a professional exterminator .
Source: Community Clinic Pointe -Saint- Charles
  • Use effective methods of control and without risks to health
Several control methods should be considered and not only the use of insecticides. Managers should employ only qualified pest insecticides approved for bed bugs. The use of insecticide should be restricted to the minimum necessary in order to limit their impact on the health of occupants. Treatments must be repeated until the complete disappearance of bedbugs .
  • Work together
Without the collaboration of all stakeholders ( occupants , owners or operators of buildings and managers qualified pest ) it is difficult to effectively eliminate bed bugs in a home or building.
Source: City of Montreal , Agency of Health and Social Services


  • Folder ' Do not let the bugs ', including the responsibilities of the tenant, the landlord and the exterminator and practical advice in terms of prevention and extermination by the Municipal Housing Office of the City of Montreal and the Agency for Health and Social Services of Montreal , 2 pages. Download the document.
  • A practical guide for owners , operators and managers of buildings, the City of Montreal and the Agency for Health and Social Services of Montreal , 12 pages. Download the document.
  • For more information or to file a complaint, call 3-1-1 (City of Montreal ) and ask for the Service Safety
  • Régie du logement phone. 514-873-2245
  • Info-Santé: call 8-1-1
  • Clinic can assist you in your endeavors to prevent or deal with an infestation.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for help !
  • Regional action against bedbugs Plan: Bed Bugs - Swiftly the best solution by the City of Montreal and the Agency for Health and Social Services in Montreal , March 2011 , 4 pages. Download the document.
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Cleaning with hot steam 160 C is effective in killing eggs and adults without pesticides

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