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Residential Services

Satisfaction guaranteed.

We offer the best warranty on the market, if you are happy with the results when we return your regular treatments to treat infested areas at no extra cost.

Ecological method.

We favor the use of physical means of control and eco-friendly. We use low-impact pesticides if necessary in very small places, ensuring effective treatment. it is for your home or business, the following services:

Cleaning service hot steam for the mattress, box spring and sofa steam remains the best method of exterminating bed bugs in all stages of development, fleas and mites. Service caulking access against rodents such as mice, rats, and mice points. Installation of sustainable networks of traps against mechanical or ultrasonic rodent (mouse, rat & mouse).

Residential protection program

GENIE extermination as objective as you live in a home without parasites, we offer customized programs, safe and effective protection: against bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas cat and dogs, spiders, carpenter ants, pharaoh ants, wasps, Pegleg, parasites of food, moisture bibites, and elimination of wildlife.

Certified technicians and discreet.

All our technicians are certificate holders Ministry sustainable development, environment, wildlife and park. and trucks are unidentified.

External treatments.

We are committed to offer you two periodic surface treatments during the year against the parasites which greatly reduces the risk of intrusion: Ants pad, centipede, centipedes, carpet beetles, earwigs, silverfish, woodlice, wasp spider.


Satisfaction guaranteed.

Whatever the nature of your business, recovery, food processing plants, warehouses, pastries, hotels. GENIE extermination and pest management established with the best IPM program, which respect the international inspection as HPCCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) standards in the commercial and industrial sectors.

  • Inspection of critical points for control and prevent pest infestations by international standards.
  • - Emergency service 24 hours: we are committed to responding to emergency calls in an interval of 24 hours.
  • - Annual protection of your business against mice, cockroaches, ants and others, and your products will not damage by parasitic infestations.
  • More benefit program for property owners: The apartment buildings of three units or more, are often engaged with problems of infestation (bed bugs, Cockroach, mouse, etc.). This program provides pest management monthly or quarterly visits to inspect and control the pest infestations, and this at very affordable prices.
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